Tips on How to Choose Your Detox and Rehabilitation Treatment

In acknowledgement of the constant and terrible effects addiction can have on society today, facilities have been established all over the world in an attempt to help people in overcoming their addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other substances. Although rehab treatments are generally quite successful, and provide a much higher rate of success than simply trying to go it alone, it is important to remember that you must have the dedication and perseverance required to keep trying when things get difficult. If you are considering looking for assistance with organizations such as The Recovery Way, you may be wondering what factors you should look for when it comes to your detox and rehabilitation treatment, for example:

  • How likely are you to achieve success?
  • Are you going to have any relapses?
  • Can you deal with the problems that lead to your addiction?

The Success Rate of Rehab Programs

One of the main reasons why people consider success rates to be so important when they are looking for the ideal rehab center, is that they feel as though they should have some kind of guarantee that they help they seek will cure them, no matter what. Most of the time, facilities can offer anywhere up to a 75% chance of long term success, but it is important to recognize that addiction does not come with a one-size-fits-all cure. You may find that you need numerous different treatments and long-term help to fully overcome all of your issues and ensure you live a drug, or alcohol-free lifestyle. If you don’t succeed straight way, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on getting help altogether. Your recovery is out there, waiting for you.

Understanding Relapses

Remember that even if you are successful in your recovery program, the chances are you may find a stressor or factor that leads you to considering drug or alcohol abuse again at some time within your future. This is normal, however you need to make sure that you have the right coping mechanisms in place to help you deal with these life stresses in a healthy manner. Usually, a good rehabilitation center will teach you the techniques you need to overcome addiction and cope with life in a robust, and safe way.

Dealing with The Underlying Problems

No rehabilitation center should try to deal with the immediate problem of addiction without first looking into the reasons why that addiction may have formed. Drug and alcohol abuse does happen for a reason, and if treatment doesn’t address that reason, individuals may find that they are more likely to relapse in the future, because they do not understand their problems well enough. Make sure your rehab includes talking therapies and treatments to help you discover the root of your addiction.

Author bio: Dirk has worked as a volunteer within various rehabilitation facilities over the past few years and runs a group dedicated to helping people tackle their addiction in a safe and secure manner.

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