The Health Risks Associated with Tattoos

The Health Risks Associated with Tattoos

The Health Risks Associated with TattoosThere are many health risks associated with tattoos. Despite the fact that many have experienced health complications upon receiving a tattoo, individuals in North America are still heavily attracted to this form of body art. If you are considering acquiring a tattoo, it is absolutely essential that you know and understand the complications that you could be posed with. While these decorative markings are considered to be highly artistic and reflect an individual’s right to freely express themselves, most medical professionals deem them unhealthy. In this medical guide, you will learn several interesting facts on the impact that tattoos have – the negative impact, that is.

One of the first health risks associated with tattoos is the potential for an infection to develop in the body. Any form of skin breakage – whether small or large – is enough for an infection to enter in the body. When an individual receives a tattoo, the inking that is performed requires the skin to be broke. It is actually a form of damage to the skin that the inking needle is inserted in to. There are two different types of infections that one may suffer from as a result of acquiring a tattoo. One is a viral infection, and the other is a bacterial infection. Most infections that occur as a result of tattoo inking are linked to bacterium. While bacterial infections can be treated successfully through the use of antibiotics, many may result in more severe health problems in susceptible individuals, such as those with a suppressed immune system.

The next health risk associated with tattoos is the possibility that the needle being used for the inking process is not properly sterilized. If the needle is not sterilized and it has been used to perform tattoo work on another individual, not only could one acquire a bacterial or viral infection, but a life threatening condition could be acquired, such as HIV, or AIDS. These types of infections occur when the needle being used to place the tattoo on the skin still has traces of an infected person’s blood on it. Naturally, that small trace of blood can mix in the blood of the person that is receiving the tattoo and cause lifelong complications with the health.

The next health complication associated with tattoos is the actual ink. The composition of inks that are used in providing body tattoos to individuals varies from artist to artist; however, it is quite common to find traces of metals in the inks that have been linked to certain cancers, infections, and even birth defects in the children of individuals who have a tattoo. There are many health risks associated with tattoos. If you are interested in getting a tattoo, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you know the pros as well as the cons. While tattoos do allow you to express your individual likes and personality, they may wreck havoc on your overall health.

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