The Health Benefits of Marijuana

The Health Benefits of Marijuana

The Health Benefits of MarijuanaIt’s not common that you see the words “health benefits” and “marijuana” used in the same sentence. That’s because most of the time when someone is writing or speaking about marijuana, they are telling you how “bad” it is for your health. Yes, it is true that marijuana can have adverse effects on your health, especially if you smoke it. However, for some people the health benefits of marijuana are greater than any health risks associated with the drug.

Marijuana as a Sleep Aid: One of the most common side effects of marijuana is drowsiness, which makes it a helpful sleep aid for just about anyone having difficulty sleeping. Many insomniacs will smoke a little bit of marijuana in the evening before they know they need to go to sleep. For certain individuals, using marijuana is the only way they can fall asleep at night and get a full night’s rest.

Marijuana to Enhance Appetite: Many AIDS and cancer patients who have difficulty eating and keeping food in their stomach will use marijuana to enhance their appetite and suppress their nausea. Marijuana increases one’s appetite tremendously. This effect is most commonly referred to as “the munchies.” Marijuana stimulates the senses and makes a person’s taste buds more sensitive, so people have a tendency to “much” on things that taste good like junk food and candy, which is likely where the expression derives from.

Marijuana as an Antidepressant: We often here people refer to marijuana as a “depressant” not as an “antidepressant.” What many people do not realize is that the term “depressant” derives from a drugs ability to “slow” the user down and make them more calm and sedentary. People who are anti-marijuana will often use the term “depressant” to easily segue into a theory on how marijuana will make a person depressed or “more depressed.” Although there may be some truth to this, the fact is, for most people that already feel depressed, marijuana acts as an effective anti-depressant.

Since marijuana is not a “hard drug” and the effects do not last for more than a few hours, especially in small doses, it is very easy for a person to function on marijuana. This enables lots of people who are depressed and have high anxiety to improve their mood and still be productive throughout their day. Marijuana is commonly used by people who lead stressful lives and have difficult jobs most likely for it’s anti-depressant/anti-anxiety effects. This may include everyone from lawyers to construction workers since marijuana seems to have no socioeconomic boundaries, which further indicates that depression and other health problems may be the most common causes for using marijuana, not the other way around.

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