Steps to Building Emotional Wellness

Steps to Building Emotional Wellness

Steps to Building Emotional WellnessOften we tend to think of our overall health and wellness in terms of how we feel physically. Rarely do people take the time to think about their emotional health and the bearing it can have on family, friends and our careers. One of the most neglected parts of the human psyche is the emotional state of being. It is often only after it is too late in many cases do we even realize that we may have problems with our emotional health.

The good news is that there are ways you can help emotional health and maintain a balance and rewarding life. Simple steps you can take that will lay the foundation for a well balanced emotional state no matter what life may throw at you down the road. Let’s examine some of the steps and how they can help.

First, realize the importance of friends. You can never have too many friends, and they serve as one of the best ways to keep your emotional health in check. By having those around us we interact with on a regular basis we build up a network of trust and friendship. It’s often good to bounce ideas and thoughts off trusted friends instead of keeping them inside you.

Next, find a passion in life. The following statement is very much true, yet so many of us fail to realize how important it is: You only live once. Do what you want to do and don’t worry about what the rest of the world thinks about it. If you love trains, travel across the globe to see different railroad configurations and railcars. If your passion is automobiles then buy that 1974 Cadillac Eldorado and bask in the beauty of the Detroit Iron. If you love to cook then experiment and come up with new dishes – share your recipes and get together with others who enjoy it. The bottom line is whatever you have a passion for in life, do it! It’s a wonderful way to keep you emotionally fit as you enjoy your passions in life.

Get off your rear and exercise! You may not believe it, but studies have proven that by getting fit and doing regular exercises you can create a healthier, balanced emotional state. When you look good, you feel good and even if it is only 15 minutes of walking a day you will notice the difference – and so will others – which gives us all the ego boost we need!

Spread your success around – it will benefit both you and others. By spreading around your success you help to build self-esteem. With self-esteem you are seen by both yourself and others as a positive person who contributes a lot to the conversation or the project. Soon you’ll find people wanting to work with you instead of being isolated. Success breeds success, and people like to be around successful people!

Finally, plan for things to go wrong, but don’t worry about it. Things will happen – the car will break down, the delayed flight will make you miss your vacation – but you shouldn’t live your life worrying about what might go wrong. Plan for things to go wrong to the extent that you are prepared for alternatives but don’t dwell on it. Remember the old saying, when life gives you lemons you just make lemonade!

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