Raspberry Ketone seen on TV show Dr.OZ

Everyone seems to be talking about Raspberry Ketone, from celebrities to TV show hosts including Oprah and industry experts including Dr.Oz. And talking of Dr. Oz, he now seems synonymous with the weight loss supplement Raspberry Ketone. His show, which first aired the miraculous benefits of this supplement, has attained a status similar to that of the Oprah show. Upon Dr. Oz airing this show, everyone one wanted to find out what it is and how they can use it to attain their weight loss goals.

The reason that this product impresses so many health enthusiasts is that it is natural, effective and endorsed by industry experts. According to Dr. Oz, the Raspberry Ketone supplement may help in weight loss on two levels. First, the supplement helps in the production of adiponectin, a hormone that is responsible for suppressing your appetite. When this hormone is stimulated it can keep the body from craving extra sources of energy for example from carbohydrate. Instead, the body is forced to use the fats stored within its reserves.

What did he say about Raspberry Ketone?

Secondly, Dr. Oz explained that the supplement also stimulates the production of the hormone norepinephrin. This hormone may help in boosting the metabolism rate, which may then allow the body to burn more fats faster. According to the doctor, Raspberry Ketone is essentially a fat burner whose mechanism for weight loss is safe and scientifically proven. In fact, he calls this a fat burner in a bottle. In addition to Raspberry Ketones, the supplement also comprises of super fruit including:

African mango, which is derived from a rare mango tree in Africa and may help in boosting metabolism, thereby assisting your body to burn more fats

Acai berry and resveratrol act as antioxidants to eliminate toxins in your body. Accumulated body toxins can slow down your metabolism rate and therefore your body’s capacity to breakdown fat cells.

Other ingredients include apple cider, grapefruit, sea kelp, green tea and caffeine.

What is the evidence that this popular weight loss supplement actually works?

As Dr. Oz explains in his show, Raspberry Ketone supplement has a similar chemical structure as other natural weight loss products including capsiplex, which contains capsaicin. Clinical trials show that when fed to mice, capsaicin boosted the rats’ capacity to break down fat cells even when they are fed a high fat diet. Similar studies in which Raspberry Ketone was administered to rats on a high fat diet showed that these subjects were able to break down fats at a faster rate.


In the show, Dr Oz’s assistant Lisa Lynn explains that for best results users should consume 100mg of the supplement just before breakfast and an additional 200mg at lunchtime. As Dr. Oz concedes, you would have to consume around 40kg of this fruit just to begin to lose modest weight. In other words, the supplement makes it simple for you to manage your weight without the need to contemplate the mammoth task of easting all those raspberries.

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