Natural Ways to Lower Cortisol: Meditation, Music, Yoga, Journaling and Sex

Natural Ways to Lower Cortisol: Meditation, Music, Yoga, Journaling and Sex

Natural Ways to Lower Cortisol: Meditation, Music, Yoga, Journaling and Sex

Have Sex and Lower Your Belly Fat!

Now that everyone’s attention is front and center – it’s true! But rest assure that having sex is not the only way to lower your belly fat without exercising, though that is definitely a great way. Why does sex lower belly fat? Sex lowers belly fat as a direct result of the correlation between high levels of Cortisol and belly fat, and natural ways to reduce cortisol hence the statement have sex and lower your belly fat.

Our bodies naturally produce Cortisol. The problem is that if we over produce it we put ourselves in a danger zone in several ways. Cortisol reacts to stress. When we are at high stress levels as a result of life events, lifestyle, or whatever our stressors are, the cortisol levels rise, and with these increased levels abdominal fat increases. Having a lot of abdominal fat has been revealed by doctors to be a contributing factor to heart disease and other illnesses including high blood pressure, and impaired cognitive functions to name a few. With the condition of excess belly fat also comes the chance that this condition affects our cholesterol levels negatively.

Where aerobic exercise, proper diet, and target toning are definitely excellent means of ridding ones body of belly fat, there are naturals ways to lower cortisol, which will lead to a decrease in belly fat. According to Elizabeth Scott M.S. ( some of these methods are as follows: Breathing Exercises, Guided Imagery, Meditation, Journaling, Self-Hypnosis, Exercise, Yoga, Listening to Music, Cleaning house to music, Playing with your children, Gardening, and Singing are all excellent ways to distress, which in turns decreases cortisol, which subsequently decreases belly fat. Have you gotten past have sex and lower your belly fat?

The bottom line is that there are many natural ways to lower cortisol, but examine what it is in your life that de-stresses you and brings you joy. Maybe it is oil painting or watercolors that remove you from the stress of everyday life. Sometimes a change of scenery, a walk in the park, or just watching children play on a playground might distress you and make you forget about what ever it is that is causing you stress.

Yes you can have sex and lower belly fat, meditate, paint, run, or do any of those activities that lower the blood pressure, heart rate, and ultimately de-stress you. Sometimes it takes dealing with reality as well. Have you ever considered taking the situation you are stressed about and imagining the absolute worse case scenario? Once you do that if you take the time to really deal with the ramifications and then let it go, you will see things aren’t as bad as you thought. Then imagine a solution to the situation and see everything working out no matter what. You will find that you feel instantly relieved since you have already dealt with the worse case scenario, you can now move on and work with the possible solutions. This too is a natural way to lower cortisol, while simultaneously working in a positive way to find solutions, and alleviate stress from your life.

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