Macho, Macho Man: Wellness Not for Women Only

Macho, Macho Man: Wellness Not for Women Only

Macho, Macho Man: Wellness Not for Women Only

I just finished a mellness fair at the Adam’s Mark Hotel. The guest speaker Byron Brown ,mayor of Buffalo, was great. He said one thing that disturbed me a bit, probably because it was true. He commented that most men were there because their wives bought tickets and suggested they go, if they knew what was good for them! Why is it most men don’t think about their health, until there’s a problem?

On the other hand, a few months ago I did a woman’s Wellness fair at the Hearthstone Manor that was jammed packed. Woman- for the most part-care more about their health than men. Whoever said “If you want to be healthier and loose weight, eat what your Wife eats” was rite-on. I don’t know if woman (especially if there single) feel the need to keep there body “marketable” or if they really want to be healthy for life? My guess is, they’re more tuned -in and believe in prevention. Rather than having that unreal “Barbie Doll” figure, as a goal.

My suggestion, guys, is to pick a workout friend. A friend you feel could use a boost. This may seem too simple or not earth shaking enough to do any good. But I feel that saving one life from stroke, or other weight related health problems, is worth a shot .It makes going for that power walk, or the gym, a heck of a lot easer than going at it alone.

I need to apologize at this time, to all teens I dumped into a group last month saying they were all “bulletproof” and ate anything they wanted. I just encountered a pleasant young lady who cashed me out at Wegmans. I asked if she related what people purchased to what they looked like. She said the only thing she really notices, is the huge amount of pop people are buying. That sometimes she sees, babies with pop in their bottles. E-GADS. She went on to tell me she did lots of research on soda pop, and found some startling facts. Fact- the increasing consumption of sugar or fructose (corn sweetener) is on the rise along with Diabetes, Interesting isn’t it ? She went on to say that not only has she made the decision never to drink pop again, but convinced her parents to do the same! This is great, and my hat off to her! We have so much to learn from each other.

And to that woman that gave her little child pop, STOP! And do some research like my new friend at Wegmans. Get that kid on the healthy path, so they are not sitting at a wellness fair, twenty years from now, thinking if only my parents started me off on the right foot!

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