Luxury Link and Family GetAway Mystery Auctions

Luxury Link and Family GetAway Mystery Auctions

Luxury Link and Family GetAway Mystery Auctions


LuxuryLink is a website that auctions off 5-star vacation packages to the highest bidder. It’s been around for over a decade and is very popular; the forum is full of repeat customers who are overwhelmingly happy with the luxury vacations they’ve won. Apparently, when users time it right, stays at uber-deluxe resort hotels can be won for what some would consider “a steal.” The site is clearly aimed at wealthy travelers with flexible schedules, who enjoy feeling that they’ve got a bargain on their vacation package, but naturally, anyone can bid. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a great travel experience for a great price? For those still intimidated by the price tag of potential vacations in classic, upscale destinations, Luxury Link (and its sister site, Family GetAway) now offer “Mystery Auctions,” with hotel packages that can be won for as little as one dollar.

Mystery Auctions for Luxury Vacation Packages at Luxury Link

  • All mystery destinations and hotels are part of the approved Luxury Link collection, guaranteed to meet the high standards of the auction site.
  • Bidding starts at one dollar, with bids increasing in one dollar increments.
  • In the past, Mystery Auction bidders have won luxury trips to Italy, Morocco, and Peru.
  • Family GetAway Mystery Auctions fall within the family-friendly travel rubric that includes some 4-star hotel packages, whereas Luxury Link represents purely 5-star properties for its mystery auctions.
  • From June through August, Luxury Link and Family GetAway both are taking Mystery Auctions to a new level by awarding one lucky bidder per month, the vacation package they won for one dollar, regardless of what the final bid may have been. That means that six random winners will experience incredibly high-end vacations in luxury destinations for the grand total of one dollar each.

Luxury Travel spoke with Diane McDavitt, President of Luxury Link, who provided some more background. Luxury Link itself celebrated its 13th anniversary this year (June 2010, to be exact), while Family GetAway is less than a year old. Luxury Link has had great success as an auction site for luxury properties and 5-star resort hotel packages. Family GetAway hopes to follow suit, of course, but with more family-focused properties that include (for example) some Sheratons, Hiltons, and independent, non-brand associated hotels that are lovely, but not 5-star. She described some differences between the two sites’ Mystery Auctions.

Luxury Link vs Family GetAway Mystery Auctions

  • Luxury Link has had Mystery Auctions for four years now, whereas Family GetAway just launched its first Mystery Auction in June, 2010.
  • Luxury Link and Family GetAway both provide a general location for the Mystery Auctions, with a photograph that doesn’t give too much away.
  • Luxury Link’s thriving community forum crackles with members’ guesses about the location and hotel of each Mystery Auction, some members helping active bidders trying to decipher where they might go if they win, others excitedly keeping track of regular, non-mystery auctions. Family GetAway, being a newer site, lacks this active community forum and is less interactive.
  • Both Luxury Link and Family GetAway offer Mystery Auctions starting at $1 bids and lasting one week. For now, Luxury Link has two concurrently running Mystery Auctions each week, while Family GetAway runs one at a time.
  • Luxury Link and Family GetAways drop vague hints regarding the Mystery Auction destination and particular hotel as the weeklong auction progresses, but the number of hints are increased for Family GetAways, This is in light of the reduced flexibility of travel plans for families with school-age kids.

Bidding on luxury travel packages to as-yet unknown destinations may sound intimidating to some, but it can also be exciting, akin to the thrill of the chase. The repeat bidders and multitude of positive comments on the Luxury Link Community Forum is testament to the fun and intrigue of Mystery Auctions.

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