Learning How to Balance the Throat Chakra

Learning How to Balance the Throat Chakra

Learning How to Balance the Throat Chakra

An imbalanced Throat Chakra presents itself both spiritually and physically. Find out more to learn how to restore the Blue Energy.

A well-balanced Throat Chakra is imperative to successful communication. If you find that you are having difficulty expressing your emotions with words, whether that be through excessive anger or a lack of communication all together, you should consider learning different methods of Chakra balancing. Before jumping straight into various ways to strengthen your blue energy, let’s focus briefly on what it is you are trying to heal.

What is the Throat Chakra?

The physical location of the throat Chakra is — as its name implies — the throat region. For a better visualization of where the energy is focused it may help to compare it to where the Adam’s apple of a man would reside.

An obstruction of the throat Chakra can be indicated by both spiritual and physical manifestations. For instance, a spiritual blockage may exhibit signs of excessive anger when trying to express emotions through speech. Or, for some, a lack of blue energy may simply show itself by the inability to express emotions all together.


Physical signs of an imbalance are said to include chronic sinus difficulties and sore throats. For some, a feeling of restriction or tightening in the throat region may be the first indication that there is a low concentration of energy.

Why is Chakra Healing Beneficial?

Restoring the full energy back to the throat Chakra has multiple benefits. You will find that you are able to express yourself fully, without feeling inhibited by a fear of judgment. For those who are rarely able to voice their opinions, this can make it easier to become more assertive in certain situations. Others may find that it is easier to place trust and loyalty in personal relationships. Since a weakened energy has the ability to manifest itself as physical ailments, keeping your throat chakra balanced can prevent things like sinus problems from developing in the first place.

How Do You Balance the Throat Chakra?

There are multiple ways to restore power to your blue energy. For instance, you can begin by immersing yourself in blue. This can be accomplished by both wearing and ingesting the color blue, as well as surrounding yourself with various types of blue decorations. Examples of blue gemstones that you can wear are sapphire and blue agate. You can also provide an outlet to clear the blockage of energy by allowing yourself to scream freely. There are certain toning exercises specific to the throat that will also help facilitate healing.

Some Final Considerations About Chakra Balancing

While learning and practicing different methods of Chakra balancing can help restore power to your blue energy, it is important to note that once physical health problems develop balancing the throat Chakra is not a cure. At this point, it would be advisable to seek additional help from a doctor.

Examples of physical ailments that may require you to seek assistance from a medical practitioner are chronic sore throats and post nasal drip. However, by working toward strengthening the throat chakra while working alongside western medicine you will have a greater chance of healing.

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