Health Benefits of Milkweed

Health Benefits of Milkweed

Health Benefits of Milkweed

The health benefits of milkweed have been known to humans from times past. Of late, its use has come down due to the popularity of another milkweed, the butterfly weed.

The milky white sap of the common milkweed has been in use from ancient times as a treatment for warts. The sap needs to be applied a number of times every day and the treatment should continue for weeks. Finally, the wart becomes black and fall down.

Health benefits are attributed to the rhizomes of the common milkweed and are quite similar to that of butterfly weed. The stems are unearthed after the common milkweed plant die. You can distinguish its characteristic pods and its single stalk. After cleaning the rhizomes up, the rhizomes are desiccated and preserved for future use in tea or the fresh root can be kept tinctured in alcohol.

The health benefits of milkweed in treating lung related disorders are phenomenal. It is an exceptional herbal treatment for coughs and colds and also for bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma and tuberculosis.

Milkweed is a good diaphoretic and its health benefit in bringing the fever down by inducing sweat is unique. The herb also helps in improving blood supply and if combined with regular workouts it can cure anyone with circulatory problem. It is also very effective in treating peripheral edema.

Milkweed intensifies circulation and can benefit your digestive system. The herb can boost the production of enzymes and has health benefits in curing habitual constipation.

Milkweed encourages the elimination of toxins from our body by improving blood circulation, which in turn helps regulate the kidneys, digestive system and the liver. Another health benefit of Milkweed is its use in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Milkweed has low amounts of chemical component called glycosides and can accelerate your heart and as such, there are limitations in using this herbal remedy. Milkweed is considered to be of medium strength and should only be used with other herbs. Pregnant woman, nursing mothers, children as well as the aged should not use this herb. The herb is not advisable for those who are having hypertension or cardiac aliments.

Milkweed is safe and has health benefits if we adhere to these limitations. As each individual is unique, there could be infrequent peculiar reaction to this herb. If such things happen, discontinue the treatment forthwith and consult your herbal doctor.

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