GeneWize: Making Wellness Personal

GeneWize: Making Wellness Personal

GeneWize: Making Wellness Personal

Focusing on health and wellness is important for every individual, regardless of age, shape, size or situation. However, we all are so uniquely different, that our methods for staying in shape and optimizing our health should be tailored to our specific requirements and needs.

Vitamin and nutritional supplements can help us maintain stronger bodies that function well, but are all consumer products going to produce the same results in every person? Probably not.

That’s where an exciting new breakthrough in nutraceuticals (higher end supplements) has recently entered the marketplace. GeneWize Life Sciences is a direct-selling subsidiary of genetic biosciences company GeneLink Inc. GeneWize utilizes your body’s DNA to personalize health, beauty and wellness products.

Scientists have discovered that each of us have ‘genetically determined’ body chemistries, and the variations of these designs can greatly impact the way we respond to food, physical activity, environmental pressures and a myriad of other physical/mental conditions.

Holly Kostoss, artistic director at the Adirondack Day Spa & Salon of Lake Placid, NY is very excited about the GeneWize offerings. “I have always been very conscious of healthy living and eating right,” she says. “I had been researching supplements for nearly a year, when I found this solution.”

Kostoss takes her and her family’s nutrition very seriously. “My five year old was visiting with a friend whose mother offered her a lollipop, and before she accepted, she asked ‘Does that have high fructose corn syrup in it?’ To which the mom replied, somewhat confounded, that she wasn’t sure – so my daughter refused it.” While that confection rejection may seem extreme to other parents, Kostoss is proud that her daughter is already aware and inquisitive about her nutritional health. “Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy delicious treats around our home, but we are careful about our food decisions.”

Jess Ray, owner of Living Goods restaurant in downtown Plattsburgh, NY is a friend of Kostoss’ and is also involved with the GeneWize program. “I saw this as a great opportunity to tailor my nutritional supplements specifically to my own needs, while providing feedback on deficiencies and imbalances within my genetic profile.”

GeneWize provides a very simple-to-use DNA sampling kit. It is the only patented, FDA reviewed collection system of its kind. Customers take a cotton swab sample from the inside of the mouth and mail it back to the GeneWize laboratory in specially provided envelopes. From there the sample is analyzed, and based on the results, a custom tailored supplement is designed from over 177,000 possible ingredient combinations.

Ray grew up in an organic family that raised its own beef, chickens and did other farming. “I tried a vegetarian lifestyle for a time, but it didn’t work for me. I didn’t feel completely well,” she says. “I definitely require meat in my diet, but I ensure that it is grass-fed or free-range.”

These two women have also collaborated on a website that includes valuable information for anyone seeking out a healthier way of living. is a comprehensive resource that includes the best of nutrition and wellness, organics, green living and mind/body fitness. They have conducted countless hours of research identifying a top quality consumer products and services, such as GeneWize, that are committed to healthier, organic living.

Fellow stylist at the Adirondack Day Spa & Salon, Frank Mannino, is also a GeneWize client. “I was really amazed by the breakthrough technology of DNA-supplements, and wanted to try it myself. It makes sense that a one-size-fits-all dietary supplement can not address the very specific needs of each individual.” Mannino, and his partner Andre Haas, have been involved with GeneWize for a few months now. “It not only supplements our health, but our income,” states Haas.

In August 2008, the 12-year old publically traded bioscience firm launched its direct selling marketing division, and provides an opportunity for its customers to profit. They reward clients for their referrals by discounting their supplement purchases, and after enrolling four new customers, the supplements are free to the original client.

With the current unstable economic climate, this type of program is appealing to many who desire financial security and peace of mind, not to mention better health.

Initial costs to start the GeneWize program are approximately $199 for the DNA test kit and first month’s supplements; each month thereafter (without referrals) runs approximately $90/month. But when compared to the expense of general over-the-counter solutions, it’s not that much greater for something truly tailored to your genetic makeup.

For more information about GeneWize, visit the company’s website at .

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