Foreseeing Time of Grace and Mercy

I have looked through the Heavenly entrances at a lofty scene. It is a scene loaded with brilliant excellence where the climate is accused of life. The particles of the air are loaded with life, health and divine vitality. In the core of this scene is a shining gem encrusted throne. It sits on a precious stone ocean through which all action in the universe could be watched. As you stroll on the surface of this gem ocean your vision can keep tabs on every occasion past, present or future.

The inhabitant of this throne is the Great I Am, the Ancient One, the Creator of all things. When Him there is much action. It is Angelic movement as these Messengers and Ministers dispatch the support and will of Him Who sits to manage the petitions of humanity. In this place all supplications to God spoken on earth are heard and recorded. This otherworldly place can ingest and gather even the frailest shout of a baby on earth that shouts out in requirement. There is a measurement of sympathy here that goes stunning. This sympathy radiates from the heart of the One on the Throne. There is a steady trade of supplication to God and intervention that mixes and consolidations with the musings and aims of The Great I Am. The predominating center of this spot is that His Grace and Mercy will react to the requirements of all who come to Him.

Each man, lady and kid on this planet will stroll through times of challenge while in this excursion through life. That is not a prediction, it is a perception attested by billions of witnesses on earth. What I have seen in the above prophetic vision reestablishes my trust and widens my desires of God. He has opened the entryways so to discuss His heart with welcome. That welcome essentially put, is ” come to Me in your time of necessity and I will provide for you grace and kindness.”

What I saw in this vision was of such size that it goes inconceivable. In particular, that each request to God and appeal could be gathered in this sort of way and be heard before a Throne in such a definite centered way. Also, that God has the capacity to unravel those parts and react to those requirements is outside man’s ability to grasp. Yet that is precisely what is occurring before the Throne of Grace and Mercy. God has made this course of action for us so we can gain access to Him for assistance in our times of necessity.

It remains then for us to handle the noteworthiness of the Throne of Grace. Will you come? Will you carry your appeal to God? Will you hold on over questions, reasons for alarm, tension and circumstances to gain access to this living vibrant spot of procurement? My genuine craving as a Seer Prophet is that my portrayal of what I see in the domains of God might trigger confidence in your heart. Confidence that might make you see and react to the charitable thoughtfulness and sympathy that spills out of the Creator God.

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