Discover the Skin Beneficial Effects of Dandelion

For many of us, dandelion weed is just common. But few people know that it has many positive effects on our skin and it can be used also in the kitchen.

Dandelion is a perennial weed herb characterized by its bright yellow flowers on a high hollow stem. The flowers gradually develop spherical fruits with typical white fluff. Its jagged leaves grow only from a rosette.

As a medicinal herb dandelion is found already in ancient Greece, where to use it to reduce skin blemishes, freckles and combat fatigue. In traditional herbalist, it appears later in China and Arabia. Later, its healing power began to use throughout the world.

Collect medicinal plants root and leaves, preferably before flowering. It is very important to properly dry roots, immediately after collection, the artificial heat (50 °C). Properly dried root is easily broken and the break is white.

Dandelion is a great detoxifier for spring cleansing peel. It is diuretic and purifies the blood. It also strengthens the pancreas, which has a beneficial effect in diabetes. Furthermore, the beneficial effects in liver, diseases of kidney stones and bladder disease because it promotes digestion and metabolism.

In the form of wraps the dandelion is also used in the treatment of rashes, acne, and for rheumatic complaints. Milk from a dandelion stem is used to treat corns and warts.

Dandelions in domestic cosmetics 

For problems with acne you can try facial tonic from the leaves. Put dandelion leaf in the steaming hot water bath and then attach to the face. Or you can put directly on the skin and is then cover with the hottest clean gauze soaked in hot brew.

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