Creative Ways To Keep You Child Fit

Creative Ways To Keep You Child Fit

In this age of video games and childhood obesity, parents sometimes need to be a little creative, or even sneaky, to keep their kids active and fit. With so many indoor activities vying for their attention, it is important for parents to find fun ways to get their kids to go outside and play.

No matter what the ages of your kids, there are plenty of exciting and creative ways to get them to put down the video games and actually venture outside for some fun activities. Here are some tips to get you started.

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Keeping your child fit has never been easy, but in many ways modern parents have it worse than parents from previous generations. Today’s kids spend so much time on groomed playgrounds and perfectly level streets that many have forgotten how to navigate the rough world around them.

Setting up an obstacle course in your back yard is the perfect way to solve these problems and keep your kids fit, active and engaged. The obstacle course can be as simple as elaborate as you want it to be, and you can create obstacles that are suitable for all ages

Building and adding on to your back yard play land is a fun activity for the whole family. Once the initial obstacle course is in place, you can add to it as time – and your budget – allows.

Go Hiking

Many 21 st century kids seem to have forgotten the beauty of nature, but it is there waiting to be rediscovered. If you are lucky to have a state or national park close by, just pack up the minivan and head out for a healthy hike once or twice a month.

Even if you live in an urban area, chances are there are ample opportunities to hike and explore the wilderness just a short drive away. Whether you hike the back country or just take a leisurely walk through the woods, you and the kids will have so much fun you will forget you are exercising and getting fit.

Join the Neighborhood Pool

Swimming is a great activity because the kids will have so much fun they will not realize they are exercising. Joining the local pool is a great way to keep the kids active and engaged all summer long.

Many community pools offer discounts on family memberships, so you can and the kids can swim all season long, enjoy some healthy exercise and soak up the sun. Just pack your sunscreen, grab your swimsuit and head off for some fun in the sun.

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