The Health Benefits of Marijuana

The Health Benefits of MarijuanaIt’s not common that you see the words “health benefits” and “marijuana” used in the same sentence. That’s because most of the time when someone is writing or speaking about marijuana, they are telling you how “bad” it is for your health. Yes, it is true that marijuana can have adverse effects on your health, especially if you smoke it. However, for some people the health benefits of marijuana are greater than any health risks associated with the drug.

Marijuana as a Sleep Aid: One of the most common side effects of marijuana is drowsiness, which makes it a helpful sleep aid for just about anyone having difficulty sleeping. Many insomniacs will smoke a little bit of marijuana in the evening before they know they need to go to sleep. For certain individuals, using marijuana is the only way they can fall asleep at night and get a full night’s rest.

Marijuana to Enhance Appetite: Many AIDS and cancer patients who have difficulty eating and keeping food in their stomach will use marijuana to enhance their appetite and suppress their nausea. Marijuana increases one’s appetite tremendously. This effect is most commonly referred to as “the munchies.” Marijuana stimulates the senses and makes a person’s taste buds more sensitive, so people have a tendency to “much” on things that taste good like junk food and candy, which is likely where the expression derives from.

Marijuana as an Antidepressant: We often here people refer to marijuana as a “depressant” not as an “antidepressant.” What many people do not realize is that the term “depressant” derives from a drugs ability to “slow” the user down and make them more calm and sedentary. People who are anti-marijuana will often use the term “depressant” to easily segue into a theory on how marijuana will make a person depressed or “more depressed.” Although there may be some truth to this, the fact is, for most people that already feel depressed, marijuana acts as an effective anti-depressant.

Since marijuana is not a “hard drug” and the effects do not last for more than a few hours, especially in small doses, it is very easy for a person to function on marijuana. This enables lots of people who are depressed and have high anxiety to improve their mood and still be productive throughout their day. Marijuana is commonly used by people who lead stressful lives and have difficult jobs most likely for it’s anti-depressant/anti-anxiety effects. This may include everyone from lawyers to construction workers since marijuana seems to have no socioeconomic boundaries, which further indicates that depression and other health problems may be the most common causes for using marijuana, not the other way around.

Cigar Accessories Are Available In Different Varieties

Smoking cigar is a best thing for most people. There is no opposite word for this, but the comfort that people have to smoke their favorite cigar is the thing of concern since there are a number of people finding it quite difficult to smoke their cigars. This can be best observed with the case of whole and unprocessed cigar roles, which will be sold to customers as it is and also there will be no option left over to make sure that how they can able to select the edge and light up their cigar. Even the world leaders in cigars, Cuban cigars also comes as it is with no room on from which edge people can able to start smoking. This is left open to people since they have the liberty to go with any of the side, provided they can make it quite easy to start the flame at one end. It is the cigar accessories which can able to make this task to be a simple one, where there are a number of options available through which people can enhance their experience while smoking cigars.

The cigar cutters

As mentioned earlier, the entire role of the cigars come in as a whole and that it is quite difficult to make sure that people can able to choose over a side and to start from over there. For this purpose, cigar cutters are one of the most useful kits that are handy in most of the cases and can be carried easily within pockets. The edges of the cigar cutters are sharp and sized variously to make sure that they can able to be fitting for the kind of cigarette that is going to be placed. It is mostly made in size that is in accordance to that of the regular range of cigars and that it is very easy also to keep them inside packet and can be carried anywhere. The cigar size is differing from the rate. Even there are some people who go for some premium range of cutter made out of heavy metal works that can be suitable for gifting to others. Such cigar cutters comes with a fine sharp blade that can even cut a finger of person, provided it can able to pass through the cigar cutter space, but they are actually not intended for cutting fingers. Cigar cutter makes it quite easy for people to make use of and to get better out of them.

The cigar humidors

In the range of cigar accessories, one of the most important additive and the one that is extremely helpful is the cigar humidors. It is a device that is being available in a variety of dimensions and that it is quite easy to make use of for storing cigars over a long period of time. When going for humidors, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is the material through which they are made of. Usually the material used in making one of such high quality humidors is the red wood cedar; since they never allow the humidity to enter or exit out of the box, but the problem with them is that it is quite difficult o take them in small sizes. In the recent days, special range of humidors are available that can able to provide better results with only a minimum space and that it is very simple also to handle them. They contain a hygrometer that can able to monitor the level of moisture present inside the humidor. An additional heater is also provided which can able to keep them warmth enough so that there are no micro organisms being formed on the top surface of the tobacco, both the leaves and the stuff that is present inside the tobacco. Thus white patch formation on the surface of the tobacco roles can be prevented effectively. Also there are a number of latest varieties now available in humidor which in most of the case is handheld and can able to keep cigars crisp and healthy for a long period of time. Since no harm is done to cigars and cigars are made consumable over a long period of time, humidor is one among the best in the cigar accessories.

The prospect of the e cigarette industry

The concept of simulating the tobacco smoking by using some form of e vapor is quite old and many scientists have tried successfully to find the alternative of the tobacco cigarette. But all such endeavors could not be made commercially viable due to many factors. It is only with the successful entrepreneurship of the Chinese scientist named Ruyan that the e cigarette was able to catch the imaginations of the smokers who want to quit smoking and also to get rid of the accusations from the family and friend that the smokers are polluting the environment and the people habituating nearby due to passive smoking. Now, the Chinese based company after the name of the inventor, scientist is the accredited inventor of the state of the art electronic cigarette which is sold all over the world.

 The stringent regulations

In spite of the popularity of the e cigarette hookahpencentral gained a major role andfrom here, among the people round the world some stringent regulations of some countries are obstructing its expansion to the world market. The Food and Drug Administration of USA is considered to be a reputable authority in the world and has a wide following among the countries of the world. The FDA is not in favor of introducing the e-cigarette apprehending that with the introduction of the e cigarette more number of people will be attracted to the cigarette smoking not to speak of the prevention of the tobacco which is the mission of the country. They argue that the younger generation has a kind of attraction to the smoking, which is thought to give a smart attitude to their personality. The attractive twenty first century look of the e cigarettes may very well provoke them to get closer to the e cigarettes. Also, their investigating team while conducting tests with the e vapor is said to have found some harmful constituents and nicotine. So they are not ready to allow the use of e cigarettes legally in USA. But on the contrary, they are not very interested to impose much restriction to its use. Their behavior indicates the influence of the big tobacco cigarette interest of the market, which is lobbying hard to save the market for their benefit. But at the present juncture, no amount of lobbying can save the tobacco industry and they are doomed to perish competing with the e cigarettes. The last word is always told by the people and the popularity of the e cigarettes has already hinted it. Many nations like India and china have legalized the sale of e cigarettes and more nations are to follow suit.

The tobacco industry is hit

With the advent of the e cigarette hookahpencentralthe tobacco industry is alarmed from here. Everybody is worried about the fate of the millions of workers whose livelihood depends on the sustenance of the tobacco industry. But it is not possible to reverse the trend of progress. In all the times the old had to give way to the new bidding farewell from the scenario. The human civilization adjusts to the new requirement by hook or by crook. Now, many big tobacco magnates are thinking of shifting to the e cigarette manufacturing by giving suitable to their work force so as to avoid the necessity of retrenchment. Already a big player such as Marlboro has started producing e cigarettes. Some legal aspects which have cropped up after the emergence of the e cigarette have to be settled amicably in order to avoid confrontation. The government should constitute an extensive committee for making authentic tests to remove all petty doubts regarding the safety of the e cigarette.