Learning How to Balance the Throat Chakra

Learning How to Balance the Throat Chakra

An imbalanced Throat Chakra presents itself both spiritually and physically. Find out more to learn how to restore the Blue Energy.

A well-balanced Throat Chakra is imperative to successful communication. If you find that you are having difficulty expressing your emotions with words, whether that be through excessive anger or a lack of communication all together, you should consider learning different methods of Chakra balancing. Before jumping straight into various ways to strengthen your blue energy, let’s focus briefly on what it is you are trying to heal.

What is the Throat Chakra?

The physical location of the throat Chakra is — as its name implies — the throat region. For a better visualization of where the energy is focused it may help to compare it to where the Adam’s apple of a man would reside.

An obstruction of the throat Chakra can be indicated by both spiritual and physical manifestations. For instance, a spiritual blockage may exhibit signs of excessive anger when trying to express emotions through speech. Or, for some, a lack of blue energy may simply show itself by the inability to express emotions all together.


Physical signs of an imbalance are said to include chronic sinus difficulties and sore throats. For some, a feeling of restriction or tightening in the throat region may be the first indication that there is a low concentration of energy.

Why is Chakra Healing Beneficial?

Restoring the full energy back to the throat Chakra has multiple benefits. You will find that you are able to express yourself fully, without feeling inhibited by a fear of judgment. For those who are rarely able to voice their opinions, this can make it easier to become more assertive in certain situations. Others may find that it is easier to place trust and loyalty in personal relationships. Since a weakened energy has the ability to manifest itself as physical ailments, keeping your throat chakra balanced can prevent things like sinus problems from developing in the first place.

How Do You Balance the Throat Chakra?

There are multiple ways to restore power to your blue energy. For instance, you can begin by immersing yourself in blue. This can be accomplished by both wearing and ingesting the color blue, as well as surrounding yourself with various types of blue decorations. Examples of blue gemstones that you can wear are sapphire and blue agate. You can also provide an outlet to clear the blockage of energy by allowing yourself to scream freely. There are certain toning exercises specific to the throat that will also help facilitate healing.

Some Final Considerations About Chakra Balancing

While learning and practicing different methods of Chakra balancing can help restore power to your blue energy, it is important to note that once physical health problems develop balancing the throat Chakra is not a cure. At this point, it would be advisable to seek additional help from a doctor.

Examples of physical ailments that may require you to seek assistance from a medical practitioner are chronic sore throats and post nasal drip. However, by working toward strengthening the throat chakra while working alongside western medicine you will have a greater chance of healing.

Five Good Sleep Habits to Help Improve Sleeping Problems

Five Good Sleep Habits to Help Improve Sleeping Problems


There are many different sleep disorders, ranging from the very common, such as insomnia, to the less common and more serious, including sleep apnoea and narcolepsy. While prescription medications have a part to play in the treatment of sleep disorders, there are several self-help approaches worth trying, to improve your sleep.

Regular Night Routines Help Improve Sleep

One of the most important ways to improve sleep is to stick to a regular night routine, which involves going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same (give or take an hour) each morning. The main reason why routine is key to improving sleep is because it sets the body clock each day and means that the body will be tired at the same/similar time, having been awake for an appropriate amount of time.

Morning Daylight – Light Therapy Treats Insomnia and Depression

In addition to having a regular sleep-wake routine, it is important to make sure the body gets exposed to daylight each morning. This not only helps treat sleeping problems, but also is key to the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In Sleep Disorders, Wilson & Nutt (2008) highlight that morning exposure to daylight is the most effective way to synchronize the circadian or body clock.


Regular Exercise Affects Sleep

Another way to help improve sleep involves taking regular exercise, which has many other health benefits. Daily exercise not only maintains healthy weight, aids the body in fighting disease and keeps muscles working well, it also has positive implications for mental health and emotional well-being. In fact, exercise is one of the best forms of treatment for mild to moderate depression and stress.

Improved Diet Means Better Sleep

What we eat and drink has long since been known to have a massive impact upon our physical and mental health. For example, if you are a real caffeine fiend, than it is unlikely sleep will come easy and if sugar is what triggers binge eating, then sweet snacking late at night will have consequences. Any food or drink that stimulates the body is best avoided in the evening. Instead, opt for calming foods such as seeds and milky drinks or herbal tea.

Relaxation Helps Improve Sleep

Ever tried to get a child to go to sleep straight after arriving home from a party or busy family get-together? Chances are that it will not have been easy, and adults also require time to wind down before going to bed. A great habit to get into involves relaxation techniques, designed to help both body and mind calm down, offering a soothing, natural approach to improve sleep. Purchase a relaxation CD and see how incorporating relaxation into daily life helps the whole family.

My Experiences Under the Knife: A Story of C-Sections

My Experiences Under the Knife: A Story of C-Sections


As I mull through images in my brain, not one of these images is comparable with the birth of my children. Both girls were born healthy. Both girls were born by cesarean-section.

The difficulty of having a cesarean section, better known as a c-section, greatly depends on whether it was planned or not. My first c-section was not planned. I was induced into labor early in the morning with a drug called Pitocin. The doctor came in and broke my water with a long instrument that I do not care to remember the characteristics of. The contractions were evident according to the monitors strapped to by enormous belly, but I quickly received an epidural which dulled the pain beautifully. The nurse came in the room about every hour to check on me, often checking how dilated I had become. After fourteen long hours of labor, I was told I was still having some contractions, but they were not accomplishing anything. I was told that I should have a c-section before I started to get a fever. Reluctantly, I consented.

I received a higher dose of anesthesia and I remember having a mouth so dry you would have thought I had been in the Mohave Desert without water all day. A plastic shower cap was placed over my head as I begged to be allowed one more ice-chip. The liquid sensation was fleeting as it quickly dissolved from the heat of my breath. My husband scurried around the room gathering up cameras and placing my things safely away in cabinets. The doctors and nurses transferred me to another bed on their count of three and rolled me down the halls to surgery.

A blue sheet resembling a shower curtain was set above my chest to prevent me from witnessing the surgery through site. I was told I may feel some tugging which correlated to what I had read in my pregnancy books. My husband stood beside me with his matching shower cap and gown, gazing beyond the curtain. I wished secretly that I could see the birth-I was not squeamish about a little-or a lot-of blood. I knew it may be different to see that much of my own insides, though, so on second thought maybe it was best not to see it. I took a gulp of air.

I vaguely recall hearing my doctor remarking that some piece of my insides was just like “pudding.” What part of me was she referring to? Was I dreaming that? I gulped some more air. I waited. I gulped some more air, but no matter how I tried to fill my lungs, it felt as if they wouldn’t expand to hold the air. I whispered to my husband that I was having trouble breathing and he repeated my statement, but the doctors simply kept working.

In a matter of minutes, I heard my daughter’s cry. She was shown to me and then taken to be measured and weighed. My husband left my side to go see her. When they took her from the room, my husband went with her. I was left alone with a bunch of doctors late at night as they sewed my organs back inside me. Then, I was moved to a recovery room that appeared to amount to an end of a dim hall with lots of machines and monitors.

Although warm blankets were placed on top of me, I could not stop shaking. I remember my body trembling so badly that it began to hurt. I was in recovery for at least three hours shaking as the nurse on duty waited for the beeping of my monitors to normalize. My husband had already called the family and friends to tell them the news. Finally, the nurse took me to a new room in which I would be staying for three days. I was still shaking, but not quite as violently. I eventually fell asleep, but woke up early in the morning asking the nurse where my daughter was. I had planned on breastfeeding and I knew I was to start as quickly as possible after her birth in order to have a higher rate of success at it-it had already been over six hours.

My daughter was brought to me and she started to nurse almost immediately. She was tiny and beautiful, just as every child should be in her mother’s eyes. I was still shaking a little, but it was gradually decreasing. I was still very thirsty and drank as much apple juice as the nurses would bring to me. I was told to take medicine for pain, but I was reluctant to do so. I couldn’t get out of bed yet, so my husband had to change the first few diapers. After the second day, the nurses told me I really had to get up, but when I did I walked like a cavewoman-my back was arched so far that I could almost touch my feet with my hands. The pain of the gas in my stomach was terrible, but it eased greatly with the pain pills. I remember one of the nurses helping me into the shower and myself freely giving into the help. My modesty was gone and the pain was great.

When I was released from the hospital, I still required help in doing minor tasks around the house. My entire body had swelled up terribly after the surgery, but after a week the swelling went away. After three weeks, the pain had mostly dissipated, but I was told to still take it easy. The only problem with that advice was that I now had a three-week old to watch-nothing was easy about that!

My second c-section was not planned, either. I had done much research and even switched doctors because I wanted to try having a vaginal delivery with the second baby. I was told my chances weren’t very high, but because there was a chance, I held on to it. I remember a friend telling me after she had her second baby vaginally following a c-section the first time that it really made her feel like a mother. I wanted to feel that same sense of accomplishment. Or maybe I just wanted to try everything once. No matter, I was going to try having this baby vaginally.

At my 38th week, according to the doctor’s office, my baby weighed eight pounds ten ounces-a large amount for a mother wanting to have a vaginal birth after c-section. My doctor brought their specialist to me who informed me a c-section would be much better in my case because the baby weighed so much and her head was still high. Both doctors left the room and I recall sitting with a fetal monitor attached to my belly as I cried silently. I didn’t realize until that moment just how much I wanted to have my baby vaginally. After a few more minutes, a nurse came in and asked me if I knew I was having small contractions. I told her that yes, I knew, but they were just little. When the doctor came back in, the nurse showed her the monitor but the doctor said they weren’t very big yet and they weren’t that close together. She then told me her schedule and when she would be available to perform the c-section. My husband and I told her we would think about it over night and call the next day.

I prayed about the situation and went to bed that night still thinking about it. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. thinking even more about it because I was having very forceful contractions. I couldn’t get comfortable no matter how I laid in bed, so I left the bedroom and went out to the sofa. Around 4:30 a.m., I called my mother and told her I wasn’t sure if I should call the doctor or not because I didn’t go into labor naturally the first time and was unsure if this was it. I did know that I couldn’t breathe during the contractions and that they hurt terribly. At 5:00 a.m. I decided to call the doctor and I was told to come in. I woke my husband up and told him we had to go to the hospital. He asked why and then slowly got up, took a shower and proceeded to get ready while I huffed and puffed on the sofa. We still had a 45 minute drive ahead of us to the hospital during morning rush hour.

When we arrived, the nurse told me I was at 5 centimeters and said I was doing a good job. I told her my last birth was a c-section but I wanted to try vaginal this time. She responded with an “oh”-like oh, she’s really going to try that? She later told me the doctor didn’t recommend it, but he would let me try for a little while.

After a few more hours of labor, being hooked up to more monitors, and a visit from the anesthesiologist, the doctor informed me that the baby’s head still hadn’t lowered and that I would need a c-section before it became an emergency because the cord could rap around the baby’s neck easily at this point. I finally consented and was rolled away to surgery for the second time in less than two years.

This time the blue sheet went up and I expected not to be able to breathe, but air came easily into my lungs. However, my eyelids would not stay open. I thought to myself what a horrible mother I must be because I couldn’t stay awake for my daughter’s birth! Once again, I felt no tugging but suddenly there was a little human being crying and being measured across the room. The nurse quickly came over to me and told me I wouldn’t have wanted to have the baby the other way-she was almost ten pounds!

Just as before, the baby left the room and my husband followed. I was shaking, but not nearly so badly as the first time. I was taken to a recovery room with several other beds surrounded by blue curtains. We remained there for over four hours as we waited for a room to become available. I was very thirsty and was able to hold down some liquid as we waited. The shaking had stopped in only a couple of hours, but not before my jaw ached from clenching it to control the shakes. I was taken to my room and given something to eat, but it didn’t stay down very long-a hazard of abdominal surgery. This time I took my pain pills and was able to get up and move around before long, taking showers completely unassisted.

Both surgeries were experiences similar and yet with their own qualities. They both sound horrible if you have not had a child, but it is amazing how much our bodies can accomplish, even if they are assisted by a surgical team. And when I remembered my friend’s words about vaginal deliveries, I decided that I felt like a real mother no matter the birthing method because I continued to look out for the safety of my child.

Health Benefits of Milkweed

Health Benefits of Milkweed

The health benefits of milkweed have been known to humans from times past. Of late, its use has come down due to the popularity of another milkweed, the butterfly weed.

The milky white sap of the common milkweed has been in use from ancient times as a treatment for warts. The sap needs to be applied a number of times every day and the treatment should continue for weeks. Finally, the wart becomes black and fall down.

Health benefits are attributed to the rhizomes of the common milkweed and are quite similar to that of butterfly weed. The stems are unearthed after the common milkweed plant die. You can distinguish its characteristic pods and its single stalk. After cleaning the rhizomes up, the rhizomes are desiccated and preserved for future use in tea or the fresh root can be kept tinctured in alcohol.

The health benefits of milkweed in treating lung related disorders are phenomenal. It is an exceptional herbal treatment for coughs and colds and also for bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma and tuberculosis.

Milkweed is a good diaphoretic and its health benefit in bringing the fever down by inducing sweat is unique. The herb also helps in improving blood supply and if combined with regular workouts it can cure anyone with circulatory problem. It is also very effective in treating peripheral edema.

Milkweed intensifies circulation and can benefit your digestive system. The herb can boost the production of enzymes and has health benefits in curing habitual constipation.

Milkweed encourages the elimination of toxins from our body by improving blood circulation, which in turn helps regulate the kidneys, digestive system and the liver. Another health benefit of Milkweed is its use in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Milkweed has low amounts of chemical component called glycosides and can accelerate your heart and as such, there are limitations in using this herbal remedy. Milkweed is considered to be of medium strength and should only be used with other herbs. Pregnant woman, nursing mothers, children as well as the aged should not use this herb. The herb is not advisable for those who are having hypertension or cardiac aliments.

Milkweed is safe and has health benefits if we adhere to these limitations. As each individual is unique, there could be infrequent peculiar reaction to this herb. If such things happen, discontinue the treatment forthwith and consult your herbal doctor.

Books that Promote Health

Books that Promote Health


I have a complete library of health books. One of my favorites is written by Cherie Calbom,MS. She wrote,
“The Lady’s guide to Juicing for Health.”I have had this book for 10 years. I do not know if there is a new edition.
Ms.Calbom believes that juicing is the real healer. It has apparently caught on today. Ms.Calbom ate all the wrong foods when she was young and was always sick and tired . Ms.Calbom said she never ate fruits or vegetables. She did her own research beginning at a health food store. She studied for years on nutrition and received her master of science degree in nutrition. The juicer helps prevent disease. Juicing changed her life. She not only got healthier she felt so good she had to share her knowledge.

Cancer is linked to all processed refined foods. I am not saying if you eat a hot dog once in awhile you will get cancer. Studies show if hot dogs are your main diet, you will probably get some kind of cancer. There are new hot dogs that don’t have nitrates in them.

Antioxidants help fight degenerative eye disorders by limiting free radical damage. People who are treated with vitamin E and C, Selenium, and beta-carotene that have acute macular degeneration have had halted or reversed this eye disease.
There is a lot of information in this book and great recipes. She has colon and liver cleansing recipes .This book has all the answers I needed. There is even a Popeye’s Powder,a great spinach drink that is very healthy.

I also have two books by JoAnna M.Lund, Help and Healthy Exchanges Cookbook. There are 100 recipes in “Help Healthy Exchanges For Lifetime plan.'” This book helps you cope with changing your lifeplan by eating healthy. JoAnna keeps down the sugar, fat and sodium in your favorite foods. This isn’t a cook book. She has tips like getting your goals to work for you. She talks about exercise and how she ate everything in sight. This book has great advise for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Her, “Healthy Exchanges Cookbook ” has two of my favorites, Blueberry Salad, and her, ” Grandma’s Lemonade.”
She is a great inspiration and JoAnna has lost 130 pounds!

A Review of Children’s Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia

A Review of Children's Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia

A few days after my little one was born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, my mother-in-law and I attended my daughter’s first newborn well visit. My obstetrician referred me to Children’s Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a new mother, I was pretty cautious, a little overbearing, and downright protective of my baby. If you believe in astrology, my protective nature should come as no surprise, as I am a lioness in every aspect of my being. Hopefully that smidgen of background information provides a little insight on my personal experiences with Children’s Wellness Center described below.

Professional & Environmentally Friendly: The nursing assistant assigned to us on our first visit was very patient with me. In fact, she changed the padded liners on the changing table 3 times because I was convinced they were used. Finally, she invited the office manager to speak with me about the padded liners, mainly to assure me that those little specks I was seeing were not dirt. The office manager went so far to pull out a brand new bag of pads to show me that they were actually recycled, which was the cause of the specks. Now my child is 2 years old, and I have relied on that same nursing assistant’s advice from dealing with everything from burping my baby to cradle cap. The staff at Children’s Wellness Center proved not only to be professional, but they even use recyclable products.

Same Day Appointments: When my daughter was sixteen months old, she looked up at me one morning, and I immediately noticed a bloody speck in her eye. Of course I drilled my husband with endless questions, like “what did you do to my baby?” “You mean you didn’t notice our daughter’s eye was red?” Along with the occasional, “you men have no clue of how to take care of a baby” and “give me my child.” My husband realized that I wasn’t going to lay off of him, so he agreed that we should schedule an appointment that day. Within a couple of hours after I called, we were sitting in a waiting room at Children’s Wellness Center. Although my daughter’s pediatrician was out of the office, another pediatrician on staff took great care of my daughter. Her diagnosis was a subconjunctival hemorrhage (broken blood vessel), which could have been due to a number of things including sneezing or straining while my little one was squeezing out a #2. She also told me the redness in her eye would get worse before it got better. And that’s exactly what happened.

Relationship With Other Doctors: I was worried more about my daughter’s eye the next morning because the redness had spread across over half of her eye. I called Children’s Wellness Center immediately, and although the pediatrician was out of the office, she returned my call from her home. Again, she assured me that the increased redness was a part of the healing process. She also understood my worrying, and had no problem referring me to a pediatric ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist fit my daughter in the same day. He assured me that her eye was just fine, and only time could heal the redness. I am convinced that my pediatrician’s relationship with the ophthalmologist is the reason why we received an appointment the same day.

Ease of Securing Medical Records: Everyone has needed to order medical records at some point in their lives. I’ve heard endless stories of parents constantly calling their children’s doctors requesting medical records for the first day of school. Well I am happy to say that my daughter is entering a pre-k two year old program, and I only made one phone call to Children’s Wellness Center to request her medical records. Within 5 minutes, the completed information was sent to me via fax.

Health & Wellness Presentations: My daughter and I really enjoyed the “Jack’s Harvest” presentation held at Children’s Wellness Center. We sampled multiple organic fruit and vegetable puree’s. Honestly, but for that presentation, I probably would have dismissed any notion of paying more for baby food.

Male Pediatrician: With women comprising over 50% of pediatricians according to the American Academy of Pediatrics[1], I was pleasantly surprised when Children’s Wellness Center welcomed their first male doctor. For those families who would prefer the option of working with a male pediatrician, the addition of a male doctor further supports Children’s Wellness Center’s medical philosophy that “a partnership must be forged between the physician and the family.”[2]

Additional Perks: Other perks include the separate newborn, well, and sick waiting room areas, along with an after hours nurse advice line in collaboration with Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.

The care that my daughter has received at Children’s Wellness Center has been nothing short of perfect. They managed to deal with my crazy new mother shenanigans and at the same time gain my confidence and trust. To learn more about Children’s Wellness Center, please visit them online at: http://www.childrenswellnesscenter.com.

Children’s Wellness Center is located at:

755 Mt. Vernon Highway NE
Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30328

[1] American Academy of Pediatrics, Division of Health Services Research, Periodic Survey of Fellows #66, 2006, “Personal/Practice Characteristics of Pediatricians (U.S. only), 2006,” American Academy of Pediatrics Website, http://www.aap.org/research/periodicsurvey/ps_practice_characteristics.htm (accessed August 10 2009).

[2] Children’s Wellness Center.com, “Medical Philosophy,” http://www.childrenswellnesscenter.com/articlepage.aspx?article_id=5008 (accessed August 11, 2009)

Steps to Building Emotional Wellness

Steps to Building Emotional WellnessOften we tend to think of our overall health and wellness in terms of how we feel physically. Rarely do people take the time to think about their emotional health and the bearing it can have on family, friends and our careers. One of the most neglected parts of the human psyche is the emotional state of being. It is often only after it is too late in many cases do we even realize that we may have problems with our emotional health.

The good news is that there are ways you can help emotional health and maintain a balance and rewarding life. Simple steps you can take that will lay the foundation for a well balanced emotional state no matter what life may throw at you down the road. Let’s examine some of the steps and how they can help.

First, realize the importance of friends. You can never have too many friends, and they serve as one of the best ways to keep your emotional health in check. By having those around us we interact with on a regular basis we build up a network of trust and friendship. It’s often good to bounce ideas and thoughts off trusted friends instead of keeping them inside you.

Next, find a passion in life. The following statement is very much true, yet so many of us fail to realize how important it is: You only live once. Do what you want to do and don’t worry about what the rest of the world thinks about it. If you love trains, travel across the globe to see different railroad configurations and railcars. If your passion is automobiles then buy that 1974 Cadillac Eldorado and bask in the beauty of the Detroit Iron. If you love to cook then experiment and come up with new dishes – share your recipes and get together with others who enjoy it. The bottom line is whatever you have a passion for in life, do it! It’s a wonderful way to keep you emotionally fit as you enjoy your passions in life.

Get off your rear and exercise! You may not believe it, but studies have proven that by getting fit and doing regular exercises you can create a healthier, balanced emotional state. When you look good, you feel good and even if it is only 15 minutes of walking a day you will notice the difference – and so will others – which gives us all the ego boost we need!

Spread your success around – it will benefit both you and others. By spreading around your success you help to build self-esteem. With self-esteem you are seen by both yourself and others as a positive person who contributes a lot to the conversation or the project. Soon you’ll find people wanting to work with you instead of being isolated. Success breeds success, and people like to be around successful people!

Finally, plan for things to go wrong, but don’t worry about it. Things will happen – the car will break down, the delayed flight will make you miss your vacation – but you shouldn’t live your life worrying about what might go wrong. Plan for things to go wrong to the extent that you are prepared for alternatives but don’t dwell on it. Remember the old saying, when life gives you lemons you just make lemonade!

Review of Wellness CORE Original Adult Dog Food

Review of Wellness CORE Original Adult Dog Food

After reading the excellent reviews online about Wellness CORE brand dog food, and a need for a dog food change, I decided to give it a try for my 1 year old German Shepherd.


Wellness CORE is meant for dogs over 1 year of age. Dogs under 1 year should only be fed a puppy formula. You must slowly transition your dog from his/her old food to Wellness CORE, to prevent digestive problems. This should be done over a 7 day period, using more Wellness CORE each day until you are feeding 100% of the new food on day 7.

The amount fed will depend on your dog’s weight. For example, my German Shepherd weighs approximately 90 lbs, so according to the bag directions, he should eat between 3 ¼ – 3 ¾ cups per day, which is usually about 1 ½ – 1 ¾ cups per feeding, twice a day. Be sure to read the back of the bag for your dog’s weight and feeding amount. And as always, make sure there is clean, fresh water available for drinking at all times.


Wellness Core is a premium, natural, protein-focused food, with no grains added. Dogs, by nature, are only programmed to eat meats and vegetables or fruits. There is no dietary need for grains. Many dog food companies add grains, such as corn, rice and wheat gluten, to act as fillers, and many of those grain ingredients are near the top of the list, meaning there is a good amount of the grain added.

The first few ingredients of Wellness CORE original dog food include: deboned turkey, deboned chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal. The rest of the list includes fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, apples and blueberries, as well as vitamins and minerals, like glucosamine and chondroitin, which promotes healthy hips and joints. This is especially important for a German Shepherd or any large breed adult dog.

Since Wellness CORE is a protein-only food, this means that there is a higher level of protein in the food. What this also means is your dog may quickly devour the food, since it tastes so good.

One of the good things about Wellness CORE is there is nothing artificial added. No artificial coloring, preservatives or flavors. What you get is an all-natural, wholesome and nutritious food for your dog.


Wellness CORE is not a cheap dog food, but when you are looking to feed your dog a good dog food, you are going to spend more regardless. Other premium brands such as Nutro, Blue Buffalo, Innova and Solid Gold all have hefty price tags, but also good ingredients. Though the $10 price for a 40 lb bag of grocery store brand dog food may look like a great deal, the ingredients make it a very lousy choice.

At my local pet store, Burton’s Total Pet, I would pay about $30 for a 12 lb bag, or $58 for a 26 lb bag. Wellness CORE is also available at PetCo stores and online. The price is comparable to other high-end premium dog foods.


Wellness CORE makes 3 different types of dry dog foods and 2 types of canned. The dry foods include Original formula, Reduced-Fat formula and Ocean formula. My dog is fed the Original formula, though he has tried both types of canned. He definitely did not like the ocean formula canned dog food, and I don’t blame him either. The food smelled very fishy, like cat food would.

The Wellness company also makes many other varieties of regular, grain included dog food and treats. They even make cat food. Visit their website for more information www.wellnesspetfood.com


The only con I experienced with Wellness CORE is that my dog developed a nasty habit of coprophagy, or in other words, he started eating his stool. This may happen because the protein-rich food makes the stool taste good to dogs. There are a few options if this happens to your dog. Either find a supplement that you would give your dog to make his stool taste bad, or switch the food to a less-protein rich variety.

Overall, I would recommend Wellness CORE to any dog owner who wants to feed their best friend a great dog food. For more information, please visit www.wellnesspetfood.com

Ilchi Lee Peace – Can Yoga Be Useful to Keep a Healthy Body?

Ilchi Lee Peace - Can Yoga Be Useful to Keep a Healthy Body?

Health as a powerful resource for human development is best maintained through conscious consistent self healing mental techniques. After all, the human being is at his or her best because of harmony between the psychological and the physical being. Therefore a human is a psychosocial being and need to develop both aspects to have a healthy living.

A person achieving such a psychological state must posses a clear and intimate appreciation of basic principles of maintaining health in the body. Yoga applies spiritual practice deeply involving and engaging the mind, body and soul. Dahn yoga bases this for a profound understanding of its nature. Intellectual mental growth, strengthening and expansion of mind systems serve the human spiritual quest for unity and illumination.

Jeff always willing to share his experiences and help others by sharing his knowledge. To find peace within and more information see word of inspiration link. Dahn yoga which has several components such as as an integrated conditioning system, combines stretches, meditative breathing techniques, and energy awareness options to help participants achieve great levels of inner potential. Dahnhak is used to refer to studying of energy as a theory underpinning primal energy that’s essential to life forms and studies the system of energy to develop practitioners.

Korea prides itself in development of dahn yoga as an ancient training program to educate on both mind and body development as an educational method which has been practiced and transmitted to successive generations. The Korean inspired dahn yoga has an integrated training that combines practical pathways and resources to help practitioners reach optimum health.

This practice becomes a practitioner’s path to better health, happiness, and peace and instructs members towards becoming conscious of inner powers to perform many internal changes.

Yoga’s focus must not be complicated and as such dahn yoga features simple exercises to condition body and mind making it suitable for all body types and ages in all social places.

Understanding of human innate healing power is a core principle to internalize, as we play a role as masters of our bodies to facilitate and enhance the healing process.

Learn to adopt to natural and self-caring methods of preventing and treatment to common illnesses, better management of most daily health concerns would never have to be a concern in itself. Individual breathing, bodies, and the life energy flow sustaining it are tools to achieve this state if the basic application skills are understood in principle.

Macho, Macho Man: Wellness Not for Women Only

Macho, Macho Man: Wellness Not for Women Only

I just finished a mellness fair at the Adam’s Mark Hotel. The guest speaker Byron Brown ,mayor of Buffalo, was great. He said one thing that disturbed me a bit, probably because it was true. He commented that most men were there because their wives bought tickets and suggested they go, if they knew what was good for them! Why is it most men don’t think about their health, until there’s a problem?

On the other hand, a few months ago I did a woman’s Wellness fair at the Hearthstone Manor that was jammed packed. Woman- for the most part-care more about their health than men. Whoever said “If you want to be healthier and loose weight, eat what your Wife eats” was rite-on. I don’t know if woman (especially if there single) feel the need to keep there body “marketable” or if they really want to be healthy for life? My guess is, they’re more tuned -in and believe in prevention. Rather than having that unreal “Barbie Doll” figure, as a goal.

My suggestion, guys, is to pick a workout friend. A friend you feel could use a boost. This may seem too simple or not earth shaking enough to do any good. But I feel that saving one life from stroke, or other weight related health problems, is worth a shot .It makes going for that power walk, or the gym, a heck of a lot easer than going at it alone.

I need to apologize at this time, to all teens I dumped into a group last month saying they were all “bulletproof” and ate anything they wanted. I just encountered a pleasant young lady who cashed me out at Wegmans. I asked if she related what people purchased to what they looked like. She said the only thing she really notices, is the huge amount of pop people are buying. That sometimes she sees, babies with pop in their bottles. E-GADS. She went on to tell me she did lots of research on soda pop, and found some startling facts. Fact- the increasing consumption of sugar or fructose (corn sweetener) is on the rise along with Diabetes, Interesting isn’t it ? She went on to say that not only has she made the decision never to drink pop again, but convinced her parents to do the same! This is great, and my hat off to her! We have so much to learn from each other.

And to that woman that gave her little child pop, STOP! And do some research like my new friend at Wegmans. Get that kid on the healthy path, so they are not sitting at a wellness fair, twenty years from now, thinking if only my parents started me off on the right foot!