The Negative Impact of Google’s Panda Update

How to Recover from Google Panda EffectIt was the Panda that did it, not Google. With a grievance lodged by Microsoft for breach of competition law with the EU, a feature such as the Panda update didn’t exactly promote harmony with this case.

What is Panda?

According to Phantom SEO, The Panda update by Google is a function that was rolled out on 11 April 2011, designed to optimise search rankings. Google published a blog post explaining that the function was designed to “reduce rankings for low-quality sites”.

Google Panda Statistics

Whilst this update sounded ingenious, according to Searchmetrics who record and analyse the frequency of online search engines, once Panda was released the Microsoft owned company Ciao’s visibility in search engines fell by a staggering 94%.

Google denied that this was a deliberate act, as the results are populated by the keywords that are typed into the search engine, thus how the rankings are achieved. This being the case there must have been some scope as to how the less important websites are measured, compared to those that are deemed as important.

However, Google have also said that the algorithms used to determine the results are regularly changed – Panda itself is an algorithm update, and whilst many go unnoticed this one was significant.

Second Opinions

Searchmetrics also analysed Google keyword results prior to the Panda update as well as after, and they found that the likes of Hubpages, eHow, and other similar sites such as Demand Media fell on average 69%.



Sistrix performed a similar analysis, and found Ciao’s exposure dropped by 81% and not 94%, but their recorded average of the other sites was a higher drop at around 78%.

The Best Intentions

The main motivation behind Panda was to minimise those sites that plagiarise others, and promote the more qualitive reputable sites rather than those that contain informally published information.

Microsoft claims that Google has used its dominant position to bind rival products. Ciao was an instigator in the initiation of the EU investigation against Google. A description of the EU claim can be found here.

In any IT environment, rolling out a new tool, feature or application can have the desired affect or it can have completely the opposite. The Panda update had mixed reviews, but more reports seemed to point towards the negative, the main reason is that it affected the promotion and search engine optimisation of a lot of companies that do rely on that kind of exposure.

According to IT Pro Portal, the Panda update likes porn sites (more than anything), but on a more serious note, this update has caused some harm, not only with the loss of revenues but in some cases it has affected reputation. Whether this was easy to predict or not is also undetermined as algorithms automatically populate the rankings, whilst this can be controlled, accusing Google of deliberately releasing an update that would severely detriment their competitors, is in itself an accusation that can cause further detriment.

It has been a rocky road as of late for Google, and it will be interesting to see if they provide any follow-ups on this, as even though they are not an ecommerce promotion service, they still hold a seat there, and it may be worth in the future Google taking a step back and concentrating on further testing to determine potential repercussions, before rolling out.

Photoshop – Turning Photos into Sketch-Drawn Paintings

Pencil Sketch Drawing Effect Photoshop Tutorial - YouTubeHere’s a tutorial to help you make a sketch-type watercolor drawing from your photograph using Photoshop’s Filter Gallery. The best part is, you don’t even have to know how to draw (which is especially handy if you can’t draw stick figures, like me.) This tutorial will focus more on just transforming the photo into a drawing-the following tutorial will handle blending it to look professional and putting the final touches on it. If the birthday of your lover is next week then you can consider creating sketch painting using this trick as a special gift for lover.

(Disclaimer: I’ve had people ask me complex questions about getting into the professional photography business. While I have friends in the profession and know that Photoshop is a necessary tool for the modern photographer, I’m not in the business, so I can’t answer related questions; I just have a knack for retouching the photos of friends and family and am familiar with the workings of the program.)

First things first. Open the picture you want to transform into a drawing. You may want to copy the file first. To do that, just click on “Image/Duplicate”. This will help ensure that your untouched photo stays safe in the event something bad happens to the file you’re working on. Click the “close” button on the original file, and focus on the copied file.

Be certain you have only a single layer to start with, or you’re going to run into a lot of trouble later. (Note: yes, Photoshop will let you pile up your filters and apply it all in one fell swoop, but since we’re going to be masking areas of each layer, that won’t work in this instance.) At the moment you’ll have only one layer labeled “background”; change the name to something else (I normally use “first”) because you’re going to be dealing with a lot of layers and you need to keep them separate. Rename a layer by double clicking the given layer to bring up the “New Layer” box, then type in the label you want in the name box. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s use the label “first”.

Bring up the Filter/Distort/Wave menu. Normally in a sketch or drawing image even straight lines will have a certain natural flow to them, so apply the Filter to curve out the straight lines of the objects in your photo. (This step might not have much effect if your photo contains no straight lines, like a nature scene or a person’s face.)

Click on “Create New Layer”above your “first” layer and name it “bg” (for “background”.) You can do this by clicking “New Layer” on the bottom of the Layer Palette. You can also hold down the Alt button and click “New Layer”.

Fill in the background layer (“bg”) layer with white color. You can easily fill a foreground color by pressing Alt + Backspace (or, if using a Macintosh, Option + Delete) and a background color by pressing Ctrl + Backspace (Command + Delete for Macs). Typing “D” will reset the foreground color to black and background color to white. To toggle between foreground and background, hit “X”.

Copy the “first” layer by dragging it to the “New Layer” on the Layer Palette box, or just right-click your mouse and click “Layer Property”. Rename the layer “base”.

Apply the Water Color Filter by clicking Filter/Artistic/Watercolor to enter the Filter Gallery. You can play with the settings a little to get the effect you’re looking for, just choose a low texture setting.

At this point you may find that part of your photo is suddenly in sharp relief. Don’t panic; you’re doing well. Just fix it by using a little Gaussian Blur (Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur).

Copy the “first” layer again and switch it over to the top layer, and change the name to “hstroke”. Decrease the opacity on the layer slightly, between 55-65. Click on Filter/Artistic/Poster Edges to adjust the thickness, posterization and intensity and set the Gaussian Blur (by going to Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur) to “1 pixel”. This will soften the rough, jagged edges and give the finished product a more natural feel.

Copy the “first” layer another time set it as the top layer, relabeling it “slight”. Use the “Angled Strokes” Filter (Filter/Brush Strokes/Angled Strokes) and adjust the Direction Balance upwards (around 30), then adjust the Stroke Length and Sharpness accordingly. Change the Layer Blending Mode at the top of the Layer palette, to “soft light” and change the Opacity between 30-40%. You’ve just made a layer that will accentuate the digitized brush strokes and adjust the contrast to make the colors more pleasing.

Copy the “first” layer yet again and relabel it “pstroke”, setting it as the top layer. Use the Find Edge Filter (Filter/Stylize/Poster Edges). From the menu, click on Image/Adjustment/Hue (or just press Ctrl+U for the Hue box. Move the Saturation bar as far left as it will go. “Layer Blending” needs to be at Multiply and Opacity at half-power. The pencil stroke (hence the layer’s name) will define the outlines of the picture’s objects.

Click “New Layer Set” on the layer palette. Put “base”, “slight” and “pstroke” in the new set in the order you created them. You can do this easily with Photoshop CS2 (or later versions); just move all the layers to the new layer set by holding down the Ctrl button and clicking the layers you want to move. This will enable you to move all of your layers at once. For those of you with Photoshop 6 or earlier versions, you’ll have to clip the layers individually instead of dragging them.

Now you have the makings for a great watercolor drawing-effect photo, but the fun is just beginning. The next tutorial will focus on blending your layers to give the photo a natural hand-painted effect.

What makes Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills so Popular?

How many things have let you down regarding their so called weight loss claims? Well, most of the supplements and products are not able to satisfy their own claims and promises. And that’s probably because, these are not good enough or maybe they use some drugs that only produce side-effects and no weight loss effects. Whatever may be the case, raspberry ketone diet pills is something that would never disappoint you.

These dietary supplements are blended with the potent fat burning component, i.e., raspberry ketone and thus the results are guaranteed.

What’s the Origin of Raspberry Ketone?

This component is basically derived from the core of red raspberries and is a phenolic compound. Raspberry ketone is a potent fat reducing enzyme whose popularity and merits are backed by Dr. Oz. These components have got an efficiency to target fat cells by promoting the secretion of a hormone, adiponectin.

This hormone is in turn is responsible for boosting various metabolic activities including catabolism of fatty acids. So you can say like this, more are the levels of adiponectin in the body, less is the fat storage in the system.

What are the Benefits of Using Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills?

These dietary pills are going to give you following merits:

  • Accelerated metabolic activities.
  • Increased fat burning.
  • Controlled food cravings.
  • Increased boost of energy.
  • Clinically proven ingredient.
  • Natural and safe to use.
  • Effective slimming agent without dieting.

Along with all these benefits, raspberry ketone is also helpful to maintain the overall health of a person including prevention to obesity, diabetes, and heart issues.

Is it Safe to Use these Supplements?

Raspberry ketone and formulated diet pills are certified components which won’t provide you any negative effects. These natural agents will straightaway target your fats and calories to make you slim. Just follow the prescribed doses of Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills and enjoy its wonderful features.

How to Get an Effective Supplement?

If you want to grab the ultimate benefits of this incredible component, you need a truly effective supplement of raspberry ketone. There are many pills present out there which won’t take anything from you including your weight also. For reducing some generous pounds from your heavy body, use Pure Raspberry Ketone supplement. You can easily get it online and as per the name suggests, these are purest and best quality Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills.

Legally Where Does Anavar Stand Today

The legal provisions for the use of various drugs vary from country to country. A hormone supplement or steroid may be an over – the – counter drug in one country, but may only be allowed under a medical practitioner’s prescription in another. So it is very important that you know about the legal status of a drug in a particular country before going out to buy it.

Anavar drop is also one such steroid whose use and application are guided by different laws ion different countries. Anavar is a supplement of the Oxandrolone hormone, whose use may or may not be sanctioned by a country. Check out the steroid laws in the country you are in before making use of the drugs. Here is Anavar’s updated legal status in the USA and the UK.

Legal Status of Anavar in the UK and the USA

  • The United Kingdom – Here Anavar as an anabolic steroid cannot be purchased without a prescription from a doctor in the UK only. Anavar, being a powerful drug, but mild in its side – effects, is quite popular among the athletes and body – builders in the UK as anywhere else in the world. But if you are living in the UK, either you have to obtain a medical prescription to sanction its purchase, or you have to look for it from out of the country sources.
  • The United States of America – Here you can obtain Anavar from a licensed pharmacy or from a physician who has a licensed practice in the USA. Here too, in order to get Anavar online, you may take recourse to buying it from some other country where it is legally allowed. Otherwise, you have to get your sports doctor or family physician top prescribes it as required along with your workout routine.

Why is Anavarso popular Among Sportsmen?

Anavar is a much-liked anabolic steroid among athletes and body-builders all over the world. It helps both male and female sportsmen to add lean muscles without putting up a lot of weight. You get the best physique possible without side – effects.

Anavar is not very toxic, as is the case with other anabolic steroids. The effect on the liver is minimal, and there is no enhancement in the liver enzymes. Since there is no problem of anavar aromatizing, hence it is greatly liked by all male athletes so much. This implies that anavar does not lead to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen that much. This protects the body from undergoing too much of change as is normal with a lot of estrogen in the body.

Legal Status of Anavar in Australia

Although Anavar is a much preferred anabolic steroid drug in Australia, its purchase has to be legally sanctioned vide a prescription by an Australian doctor. Thus it is a controlled substance here, just as in the USA and the UK. However, there are black markets that sell anavar without prescriptions, but they, of course, do not have any legal sanction. If you approach these agents, you may be able to find anavar at a lower price and they will convince you that they are selling cheap as they do not need to provide any selling documents. But you must steer clear of these agents, as they are, in most cases, not selling the genuine anavar at all.

Anavar is an expensive drug. Anavar’s updated legal status varies from the jurisdiction, and it is best to conform to the legal modalities.

What are the best benefits of Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Raspberry Ketone Plus is a new product that contains Raspberry Ketones and other super foods that that contain a lot of antioxidants. This product is very popular in the fitness and sports circles. Nevertheless, even though you are far from being a celebrity or a fitness freak, this product is still available to you and may help you enjoy the desired weight loss results you have been looking for.

How does it work?

This natural weight loss supplement works to assist in weight loss through a dual process. First, it triggers the production of the hormone norepinephrin, which may boost the rate of metabolism in your body. A high rate of metabolism, as you may know, is essential for the body to burn down fat cells and transform these into energy, instead of storing the fats.

Secondly, the Raspberry Ketone plus supplement stimulates the production of another hormone, adiponectin. This hormone is responsible for lowering the blood sugar levels thus forcing your body to use up the fats already stored in the body. In this way, your body will not need or crave extra carbohydrates to produce the vital energy it needs to function. As you can see, the more your body uses up the stored fats, the better placed you are to lose the extra calories and achieve your ideal figure.

What other benefits will enjoy with Raspberry Ketone plus?

This supplement works fast to give you the desired results. This is especially important if you are looking to lose weight in just a short time. Once you start using Ketone Plus, you may lose as much as 3 to 5 pounds each week. This is a healthy and safe range of weight loss.

There are thousands of weight loss products in the market today. You probably know that some can be unsafe to use in weight management. That is why you should look to using natural and proven dietary supplements such as Raspberry Ketone for your weight loss goals. You will enjoy the benefits of super fruits such as African mango, grapefruit, acai berry, apple cider and other super compounds such as green tea and sea kelp. All these are scientifically formulated to assist you to lose weight.

When you start to use this supplement, you will enjoy the benefits of an improved metabolism rate. This is a very essential benefit as your weight loss results hinge on your metabolism rate; when it is high, your body may burn fats more efficiently.

In addition to enjoying a great looking body, you may also benefit from a feeling of general well being. Raspberry Ketone can help in suppressing lifestyle conditions such as unhealthy cholesterol and type II diabetes.


Finally, with this supplement you do not have to worry about experiencing undesirable side effects such headaches, weakness and fatigue or dizziness. Instead, you will experience the all the benefits that this natural and clinically proven weight loss product has to offer.

Foreseeing Time of Grace and Mercy

I have looked through the Heavenly entrances at a lofty scene. It is a scene loaded with brilliant excellence where the climate is accused of life. The particles of the air are loaded with life, health and divine vitality. In the core of this scene is a shining gem encrusted throne. It sits on a precious stone ocean through which all action in the universe could be watched. As you stroll on the surface of this gem ocean your vision can keep tabs on every occasion past, present or future.

The inhabitant of this throne is the Great I Am, the Ancient One, the Creator of all things. When Him there is much action. It is Angelic movement as these Messengers and Ministers dispatch the support and will of Him Who sits to manage the petitions of humanity. In this place all supplications to God spoken on earth are heard and recorded. This otherworldly place can ingest and gather even the frailest shout of a baby on earth that shouts out in requirement. There is a measurement of sympathy here that goes stunning. This sympathy radiates from the heart of the One on the Throne. There is a steady trade of supplication to God and intervention that mixes and consolidations with the musings and aims of The Great I Am. The predominating center of this spot is that His Grace and Mercy will react to the requirements of all who come to Him.

Each man, lady and kid on this planet will stroll through times of challenge while in this excursion through life. That is not a prediction, it is a perception attested by billions of witnesses on earth. What I have seen in the above prophetic vision reestablishes my trust and widens my desires of God. He has opened the entryways so to discuss His heart with welcome. That welcome essentially put, is ” come to Me in your time of necessity and I will provide for you grace and kindness.”

What I saw in this vision was of such size that it goes inconceivable. In particular, that each request to God and appeal could be gathered in this sort of way and be heard before a Throne in such a definite centered way. Also, that God has the capacity to unravel those parts and react to those requirements is outside man’s ability to grasp. Yet that is precisely what is occurring before the Throne of Grace and Mercy. God has made this course of action for us so we can gain access to Him for assistance in our times of necessity.

It remains then for us to handle the noteworthiness of the Throne of Grace. Will you come? Will you carry your appeal to God? Will you hold on over questions, reasons for alarm, tension and circumstances to gain access to this living vibrant spot of procurement? My genuine craving as a Seer Prophet is that my portrayal of what I see in the domains of God might trigger confidence in your heart. Confidence that might make you see and react to the charitable thoughtfulness and sympathy that spills out of the Creator God.

Discover the Skin Beneficial Effects of Dandelion

For many of us, dandelion weed is just common. But few people know that it has many positive effects on our skin and it can be used also in the kitchen.

Dandelion is a perennial weed herb characterized by its bright yellow flowers on a high hollow stem. The flowers gradually develop spherical fruits with typical white fluff. Its jagged leaves grow only from a rosette.

As a medicinal herb dandelion is found already in ancient Greece, where to use it to reduce skin blemishes, freckles and combat fatigue. In traditional herbalist, it appears later in China and Arabia. Later, its healing power began to use throughout the world.

Collect medicinal plants root and leaves, preferably before flowering. It is very important to properly dry roots, immediately after collection, the artificial heat (50 °C). Properly dried root is easily broken and the break is white.

Dandelion is a great detoxifier for spring cleansing peel. It is diuretic and purifies the blood. It also strengthens the pancreas, which has a beneficial effect in diabetes. Furthermore, the beneficial effects in liver, diseases of kidney stones and bladder disease because it promotes digestion and metabolism.

In the form of wraps the dandelion is also used in the treatment of rashes, acne, and for rheumatic complaints. Milk from a dandelion stem is used to treat corns and warts.

Dandelions in domestic cosmetics 

For problems with acne you can try facial tonic from the leaves. Put dandelion leaf in the steaming hot water bath and then attach to the face. Or you can put directly on the skin and is then cover with the hottest clean gauze soaked in hot brew.

Visit and be aware of what desirable outcomes other skin care products can offer for your skin. Try our more than a few articles on both skin care products and skin care guide and be familiar with exact youthful skin care informations.

Creative Ways To Keep You Child Fit

Creative Ways To Keep You Child Fit

In this age of video games and childhood obesity, parents sometimes need to be a little creative, or even sneaky, to keep their kids active and fit. With so many indoor activities vying for their attention, it is important for parents to find fun ways to get their kids to go outside and play.

No matter what the ages of your kids, there are plenty of exciting and creative ways to get them to put down the video games and actually venture outside for some fun activities. Here are some tips to get you started.

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Keeping your child fit has never been easy, but in many ways modern parents have it worse than parents from previous generations. Today’s kids spend so much time on groomed playgrounds and perfectly level streets that many have forgotten how to navigate the rough world around them.

Setting up an obstacle course in your back yard is the perfect way to solve these problems and keep your kids fit, active and engaged. The obstacle course can be as simple as elaborate as you want it to be, and you can create obstacles that are suitable for all ages

Building and adding on to your back yard play land is a fun activity for the whole family. Once the initial obstacle course is in place, you can add to it as time – and your budget – allows.

Go Hiking

Many 21 st century kids seem to have forgotten the beauty of nature, but it is there waiting to be rediscovered. If you are lucky to have a state or national park close by, just pack up the minivan and head out for a healthy hike once or twice a month.

Even if you live in an urban area, chances are there are ample opportunities to hike and explore the wilderness just a short drive away. Whether you hike the back country or just take a leisurely walk through the woods, you and the kids will have so much fun you will forget you are exercising and getting fit.

Join the Neighborhood Pool

Swimming is a great activity because the kids will have so much fun they will not realize they are exercising. Joining the local pool is a great way to keep the kids active and engaged all summer long.

Many community pools offer discounts on family memberships, so you can and the kids can swim all season long, enjoy some healthy exercise and soak up the sun. Just pack your sunscreen, grab your swimsuit and head off for some fun in the sun.

Routine Exercises And Various Health Supplements To Keep People Away From Other Related Dangers

The universe of wellness is accepting new statures step by step. You can witness with different new declarations into this industry which are certain to make everything in like manner. The majority of the people are additionally focusing on a great deal to accomplish better wellbeing and wellness concerns further put their part additional time in health centers to practice decisively and to make the body durable and bended. Every one of these health centers consolidate with different activity machines as to help people to make their fantasy valid by contributing their ordinary time to perform different physical exercises. Weight is a major issue all through the world and a large portion of the researchers and others individuals are anticipating get fitting answer for hold it once more from living world.

Exercising equipment help lowering increased fat level

There are a few activity machines to help you smolder your fat normally. This activity hardware is useful for helping overweight individuals who need to enhance their wellbeing. Furthermore, they can likewise do an assortment of workouts with these activity machines. A few practicing hardware have digitally gadgets for measuring weight amid times of the activity. These will tally the aggregate calories that has been smoldered, the heart rate, the time slipped by and another valuable data.

A standout among the most famous wellness gear at the exercise center is Treadmill. You will quicken the metabolic rate by utilizing this machine. Practicing with this machine will let your body to take up and utilize more measure of the nourishment that has been expended, and it will enhance your vitality level also. It is additionally encouraged to begin practicing with this machine with a lackadaisical walk initially, and after that raise the rate as you get more agreeable. At that point, use different levels to include additional heap when you get more advance. You have to practice day by day when utilizing a treadmill to smolder your fat and lose your weight.

Circular coach is the perfect gear for other individuals who are overweight and would prefer not to do open air works out. This mentor hardware joins both the typical stride of a treadmill and the straightforwardness of stairs climber. You can simply stand easily on a curved mentor in an upright position while your hands clutching the handrails and moving in either a forward or in reverse movement. You can either pick up the advantages of both high-impact or weight reduction practices by working with it, and you can blaze a bigger number of calories than others being utilized for the same.

For the individuals who don’t have sufficient energy to spend into those physical exercises, It can utilize another sort of wellbeing items known as supplements and different others. All these items are highly sought after among each one of those people which either have their connection from wellness focuses or not. The majority of the general population likewise makes their off-label use as to hold it under table. These items are world class and require specialists’ conference before taking it into utilization.

Rolfing – A General Guide

Rolfing – A General Guide

Rolfing is a new form of body workout that involves fitness and deep tissue manipulation. Manipulating the deep tissue of the body releases tension and aligns the body in the correct way, improving general wellbeing, functionality and muscle function.

The three key principles of Rolfing are:

  • Releasing tension
  • Realigning posture
  • Balancing the body


In 1950, Dr Ida Rolf, an American biochemist, recognised that our bodies are not a collection of separate parts but rather a network of interconnecting tissues and muscles that link throughout the entire body. So, rather than trying to repair a certain part of the body, Rolfing actually takes on a holistic overview of the entire body.

The Importance of the Fascia

The fascia is a deep connective tissue that envelopes a large part of the body. It acts like a band or blanket and is primarily made of collagen. It sits beneath the skin and attaches and stabilizes muscles as well as many of the vital organs. Rolfing manipulates these layers of fascia by a method of “kneading” where the masseur will use the thumb or knuckles of the hand by work into the fascia.

The fascia has three layers: the visceral layer is in between the superficial layer (which is on top) and the deep layer which attaches to the muscle and organs throughout the body. By manipulating parts of the fascia a patient can benefit from pain relief, reduce discomfort and create a sense of well-being and bodily calm.

Early sessions of Rolfing determine how the individual body reads. We all have differences in our gait, stance and posture, so the art of body reading when Rolfing is paramount. An instructor will watch the way you stand, walk, sit and move in everyday activities like jogging or dancing.

The Rolfing instructors will prescribe certain exercises that will be tailored to you. Those suffering from long-term or chronic pain will often have a poor organisation of tension in the fascia. This is the body’s way of reacting to an injury or accident.

The early sessions of Rolfing will also work on breathing properly, achieving maximum stability as we stand and walk and integrating the ribcage, stomach and back.

Freeing up the pelvis and abdomen come later in the sessions and the final program would include releasing tensions in the shoulders, neck and skull. Tensions in the face are also released by working on the mouth and nose. Skull work is also used to balance the head properly on the spine.