A Review of Children's Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia

A Review of Children’s Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia

A Review of Children's Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia

A few days after my little one was born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, my mother-in-law and I attended my daughter’s first newborn well visit. My obstetrician referred me to Children’s Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Being a new mother, I was pretty cautious, a little overbearing, and downright protective of my baby. If you believe in astrology, my protective nature should come as no surprise, as I am a lioness in every aspect of my being. Hopefully that smidgen of background information provides a little insight on my personal experiences with Children’s Wellness Center described below.

Professional & Environmentally Friendly: The nursing assistant assigned to us on our first visit was very patient with me. In fact, she changed the padded liners on the changing table 3 times because I was convinced they were used. Finally, she invited the office manager to speak with me about the padded liners, mainly to assure me that those little specks I was seeing were not dirt. The office manager went so far to pull out a brand new bag of pads to show me that they were actually recycled, which was the cause of the specks. Now my child is 2 years old, and I have relied on that same nursing assistant’s advice from dealing with everything from burping my baby to cradle cap. The staff at Children’s Wellness Center proved not only to be professional, but they even use recyclable products.

Same Day Appointments: When my daughter was sixteen months old, she looked up at me one morning, and I immediately noticed a bloody speck in her eye. Of course I drilled my husband with endless questions, like “what did you do to my baby?” “You mean you didn’t notice our daughter’s eye was red?” Along with the occasional, “you men have no clue of how to take care of a baby” and “give me my child.” My husband realized that I wasn’t going to lay off of him, so he agreed that we should schedule an appointment that day. Within a couple of hours after I called, we were sitting in a waiting room at Children’s Wellness Center. Although my daughter’s pediatrician was out of the office, another pediatrician on staff took great care of my daughter. Her diagnosis was a subconjunctival hemorrhage (broken blood vessel), which could have been due to a number of things including sneezing or straining while my little one was squeezing out a #2. She also told me the redness in her eye would get worse before it got better. And that’s exactly what happened.

Relationship With Other Doctors: I was worried more about my daughter’s eye the next morning because the redness had spread across over half of her eye. I called Children’s Wellness Center immediately, and although the pediatrician was out of the office, she returned my call from her home. Again, she assured me that the increased redness was a part of the healing process. She also understood my worrying, and had no problem referring me to a pediatric ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist fit my daughter in the same day. He assured me that her eye was just fine, and only time could heal the redness. I am convinced that my pediatrician’s relationship with the ophthalmologist is the reason why we received an appointment the same day.

Ease of Securing Medical Records: Everyone has needed to order medical records at some point in their lives. I’ve heard endless stories of parents constantly calling their children’s doctors requesting medical records for the first day of school. Well I am happy to say that my daughter is entering a pre-k two year old program, and I only made one phone call to Children’s Wellness Center to request her medical records. Within 5 minutes, the completed information was sent to me via fax.

Health & Wellness Presentations: My daughter and I really enjoyed the “Jack’s Harvest” presentation held at Children’s Wellness Center. We sampled multiple organic fruit and vegetable puree’s. Honestly, but for that presentation, I probably would have dismissed any notion of paying more for baby food.

Male Pediatrician: With women comprising over 50% of pediatricians according to the American Academy of Pediatrics[1], I was pleasantly surprised when Children’s Wellness Center welcomed their first male doctor. For those families who would prefer the option of working with a male pediatrician, the addition of a male doctor further supports Children’s Wellness Center’s medical philosophy that “a partnership must be forged between the physician and the family.”[2]

Additional Perks: Other perks include the separate newborn, well, and sick waiting room areas, along with an after hours nurse advice line in collaboration with Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.

The care that my daughter has received at Children’s Wellness Center has been nothing short of perfect. They managed to deal with my crazy new mother shenanigans and at the same time gain my confidence and trust. To learn more about Children’s Wellness Center, please visit them online at: http://www.childrenswellnesscenter.com.

Children’s Wellness Center is located at:

755 Mt. Vernon Highway NE
Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30328

[1] American Academy of Pediatrics, Division of Health Services Research, Periodic Survey of Fellows #66, 2006, “Personal/Practice Characteristics of Pediatricians (U.S. only), 2006,” American Academy of Pediatrics Website, http://www.aap.org/research/periodicsurvey/ps_practice_characteristics.htm (accessed August 10 2009).

[2] Children’s Wellness Center.com, “Medical Philosophy,” http://www.childrenswellnesscenter.com/articlepage.aspx?article_id=5008 (accessed August 11, 2009)

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